• “Do you really KNOW what is melamine dinnerware? “”No, i don’t”

    What is melamine and component?

    Chemical formula: C3H6N6

    IUPAC name: 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-Triamine

    CAS Number:108-78-1

    Density: 1.574g/cm³ (water=1g/cm³)

    Hand feeling: Hard and solid

    Solubility in water: 3240 mg/L, 20℃ Melting point:345℃

    Based on above physical and chemical property, melamine dinnerware contain following characteristics.

    1. Do not use in Microwave oven, or Baking in fire.(melamine melting point is 345℃)
    2. Safe Temperature: -20℃~+100℃(with standard atmospheric pressure 101.325kPa)
    3. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. (Because of in most dishwashers the heating components are on the bottom only, melamine items might melt/distort on the bottom) “top rack” vs.”bottom rack”
    4. Do not washing with stainless steel cleaning balls or other metal elements. The hardness is lower than metal.

    What ‘s the history of melamine and melamine dinnerware?

    Plastic dinnerware was found in many homes in 1940s~1970s and its widely useable now.During 1930s the raw material “melamine ” hit stable low price.With heightening wartime treats and soon to be monetary constrains, American entrepreneurs jumped on the bandwagon to make melamine into functional products for both commercial and households.

    In the mid to late 1930s, there was a push to use melamine as like a all new material for all kinds of things. Housewares made of early plastics, resins did not hold up well or regular washing or heat.But in the wartime, when the melamine began in dinnerware production for the military, it proved that this new “improved plastic” due to indeed hold up well and use durable.

    Late 1940s, a thermoset plastic material was used in many factories and in much melamine dinnerware production.One of the leading manufacturers and distributors of melamine powder called American Cyanamid. They dominated the market and name-branded “Melmac”,that’s why some old ads for plates and dishes say “made of Melmac”.

    During 1950s and 1960s the use is melamine as fertilizer for crops because of its high nitrogen content. However, melamine is much more expensive to produce than other common nitrogen fertilizers, such as urea. Because of nitrogen mineralization process for melamine is extremely slow.

    At the same time, early 1950s in Japan, it began to produced melamine and later start use in melamine dinnerware production. Due to creative design and innovate molding machine like “two tone color molding”"cup with handle molding”, stormed rapidly the market in 1970s early. output 80,000 tons yearly.

    In late 1970s, Chinese government released the policy of reformation and opening, get started a high speed development way. Keep up with Japan, from 1970s late to 1980s late, Going though a rapidly development in melamine output. Till 2003, China mainland has become the No.1 of melamine output 300,000 Tons yearly.

    Also melamine and its salts element are used as fire resistant additives in paints, plastic (like melamine dinnerware), paper and board (like MDF board).

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