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    • New Woven Rattan Melamine Dinnerware manufacturers, China Melamine Dinnerware
      Post time: Aug-25-2017

      New Woven Rattan Melamine Dinnerware manufacturers, China Melamine Dinnerware New melamine dinnerware collections are presenting to customer, which is looks like woven rattan but it melamine, hard plastic and very durable. Non-mildew like real rattan products. Round Melamine Dinnerware-Woven Ratt...Read more »

    • How We To Do Inspection for Melamine Dinnerware?
      Post time: Aug-11-2017

      How We To Do Inspection for Melamine Dinnerware?  Most of melamine dinnerware factory won’t screening inspect items one by one, due to it can be able to reduce production cost. But end customer will found more defect items once get it. In order to offer customer items perfect, we decide to ...Read more »

    • 2017 New Collections for Jade Style Melamine Dinnerware
      Post time: Aug-09-2017

      New Collections for Jade Style Melamine Dinnerware Through 3 month development, we created new Jade Style Melamine Dinnerware.  High glossy surface. Jade crystal clear which sunshine pass through. Heat resistance from -20~+120 centigrade. Easy clean,dishwasher safe Do not microwave It is accepta...Read more »

    • Biodegradation melamine tableware made by Bamboo
      Post time: Jun-23-2017

      To environmental protection, we developed the bamboo melamine tableware which is composite over 80% pure bamboo, completely biodegradation. Meet FDA food grade test standard. At the meantime, you can put your brand or design on it. Let’s make it a better place, with beautiful tableware. If ...Read more »

    • How to make melamine dinnerware different and to provide real, lasting value to customer?
      Post time: Jun-17-2017

      How to make melamine dinnerware different and to provide real, lasting value to customer? Almost all of melamine dinnerware are solid color, why don’y try to develop something novelty and creativity. We spend a few months to develop new color with raw material supplier, and now put on produ...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-14-2017

      Skillful workers is the key to polish well. Fine polishing tools are necessary. Polishing quality check and improvement,to make sure every products looks good. Final quality check to package.  Check video below.   Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said expert Ma Zhanfeng: dense amine material tableware is harmless to humans. Completely safe to use. Since in the synthesis of melamine based material, the processing temperature is 145 to 165 degrees Celsius, a pressure 25 to 35 ...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      Melamine Plates makes the appearance of furniture strong, printed with color or imitation wood grain paper itself is fragile, melamine plate in the transparent resin soaked in the formation of the film after the film to be hard, the film and the substrate hot pressed into one After a very good pe...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      In the procurement of melamine tableware, use the following methods. 1. Look at whether products labeled with national market access signs (0S), number and business details. 2. Try not to choose a dark melamine tableware, it may be processed to prevent the use of recycled materials. 3. The use of...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      Some appliances hotel is very chic, out of curiosity, some customers will be allowed to pick up, when finding such cases, staff should immediately report to the foreman or manager, by a foreman politely explain to the customer patience is keeping a good hotel items responsibility waiter, trying t...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      It is certainly in line with the national Melamine Dinnerware standard tableware, you can rest assured that melamine and formaldehyde reaction to produce melamine material, the reaction irreversible reaction, will not once again restore melamine or formaldehyde, but in this reaction, formaldehyde...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-02-2017

      Now melamine tableware is becoming increasingly popular, unscrupulous businessmen also take advantage of this opportunity to make profits, so since the interests of consumers can not be guaranteed, but there is not no way to solve, you want to distinguish between true and false cutlery there are ...Read more »

    • Post time: Jun-01-2017

      Not all dinnerware sets are created equal. There’s the formal dinnerware set, which consists of plates for everything from salad to fish. The informal dinnerware set may have fewer plates, but it still provides a place where you can both break and butter your bread. Formal Dinnerware Sets T...Read more »

      Post time: Jun-01-2017

      When it comes to the types of dinnerware materials out there, from earthenware and stoneware to fine china and porcelain, there is always a plethora of choices. And on top of that, you also need to decide on the colors and patterns, sizes and shapes, and more — the possibilities are endless! Wond...Read more »

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